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07 October 2015

One Piece 803 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

. 07 October 2015

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Credits: 2ch
Status: Confirmed
Zoro: Shut up!!

Barto: But...but...!! The one and only honorful and magnifique ship that brings the divine bodies of the "Strawhat crew" everywhere...!!! "Thousand Sunny Go"-senpai!! Thank you----!! Thank you---!!

Usopp: Don't you adore it like that!!

Robin: Thank goodness they reached Zou without a doubt ---

Franky: It seems they managed to escape from "Big Mum" without any bigger problems...It also doesn't seem that the ship got any external scratches.

Luffy: Hey~~~~!! Sanji~~~!! Nami-----!! Chopper-----!! Brook-----!! Momo~~~!! Ah---, it's so dark and the fog doesn't make me see anything...

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06 October 2015

Download ESET NOD32 Offline Update (05 October 2015)

. 06 October 2015

Ada banyak antivirus didunia ini. Tapi menurut admin ESET NOD32 lah yang paling bagus. Selain ampuh membasmi virus proses scannya juga sangat cepat. Admin akan menyediakan file update secara offline setiap hari sabtu atau minggu. silakan download ESET NOD32 Offline Update file melalui link dibawah ini. Offline Update ini bisa digunakan untuk versi 4, 5, 6, 7, dan 8.

- ESET NOD32 Offline Update 05 October 2015 (53.4 MB)

Untuk cara mengupdate secara offline bisa ke

Cara Update ESET NOD32 Offline

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24 September 2015

One Piece 801 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

. 24 September 2015

Tag : ONE PIECE, One Piece 801, One Piece 801 Spoiler, One Piece 801 raw, One Piece 801 Predictions, One Piece Manga 801, ONE PIECE SPOILERS, One Piece 801 Spoilers, One Piece 801 Spoiler Pics and Summaries, One Piece Anime, One Piece Chapter 801, Bocoran One Piece 801, One Piece 801 Wordpress, One Piece 801 English, One Piece 801 Confirmed Spoiler, One Piece 801 Read Online, One Piece 801 Download, One Piece 801 Bahasa Indonesia, One Piece 801 Onemanga, One Piece 801 Mangahelpers, One Piece 801 MangaStream, One Piece 801 Mangapanda. Keep in touch for Next ONE PIECE, One Piece 801 MangaBirds, One Piece 801 , One Piece 801 spoiler.
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Credits: 2ch
Status: Confirmed
New Wanted Posters.

- Monkey D. Luffy: 500,000,000 Berries.
- Roronoa Zoro: 320,000,000 Berries.
- Nico Robin: 130,000,000 Berries.
- Franky: 94,000,000 Berries.
- Usopp: 200,000,000 Berries.
- Sanji: 177,000,000 Berries.
- Nami: 66,000,000 Berries.
- Chopper: 100 Berries.
- Brook: 83,000,000 Berries.

Meanwhile on marine ship, Fujitora tells Sengoku that once he's done escorting them he'll sail out for a trip. He's not allowed to set foot in any marine base until he brings the head of Law and Straw Hat.
Sengoku tells him all he needs to do to save Sakazuki's face is one word of apology, but Fujitora declines. He has a face to save for himself.
Sengoku sighs in stubbornness of the two.

Meanwhile Tsuru has a chat with Doflamingo, who is locked up in the cell.
Dofla tells her Fujitora was an idiot, if only he had worked with him, he wouldn't be in his sticky position. He tells her they will regret taking him down.

Tsuru tells him there's no "what ifs" in this world. This result is the only reality.
Stop being so pathetic, you LOST.

He laughs, and she asks him what will happen to the pirate world now.
Dofla tells her what do you think monsters who lost their food will do?
Is there anyone in this sea right now who stands at the top?
Who will be the king of the sea? One of the Four Emperors? Or one of the seven warlords?
Or perhaps the brats of the "Worst Generation"?
(awesome picture of the super novas, shichibukai, and yonkou btw!)

Or perhaps the Army of justice.. the marines are the rulers of the sea?
Then again we also have powerful folks in the Revolutionaries...

Where and when will the clan of "D" show up?
Who will be on who's side? Who will betray who?
Why don't you go tell the Celestial dragons in Marie Jois, that they'll be dragged down from their place?
25 years after Gold Roger completed the Grand Line.
His rival Whitebeard never took the throne, and settled for seat before it.

But how about now? There are more pirates than ever, yet the throne is empty!
You understand what I'm saying... the biggest conflict for the throne in history of pirates will begin now!

Doflamingo laughs, and asks Tsuru to provide him newspapers every day if you're taking me to Impel Down. As long as I have that, I won't be bored.

Meanwhile, someone stares at the 4 marine ships carrying Doflamingo.
Only 4 ships, but the men on the ship are way too powerful for mere escort. (Fujitora, Tsuru, Sengoku, etc)
The man reports to captain Jack that taking back Lord Doflamingo isn't possible.
But Jack isn't satisfied. He tells him who the hell do you think I am? Of course we're attacking!!

Meanwhile Luffy on Barto's ship
flagship "Going Luffy Sempai" with Luffy as the figurehead and modeled after Going Merry.
Their compass uses Luffy's vivre card to point towards the real Luffy lol

All the members of Barto Club seems to be huge fan of the Straw Hats, and cries in joy of their arrival.

short flashback: Sabo had made Luffy's Vivre card.
Bellamy tells Luffy that he won't become his underling, but he'll take a piece of it just in case. The seven captains who pledged oath to Luffy have all taken a piece of Luffy's vivre card before leaving as well, promising to see their lord again.

Luffy says it was fun, and he has come to like them all.
Law tells Barto to send the ship to Zou
Usopp wonders if Sanji got to the island, and Franky is worried about Big Mam's ship.
Zoro is reading the newspaper, and notices their bounties have gone up.

Barto says he has all the new wanted posters in his room, and he'll show it to the straw hats. He also tells Law that his bounty has increased to 500 million, but Law seems uninterested.

In Barto's room, the new wanted posters were framed on the wall.
Luffy 500m
Zoro 320m
Usopp 200m
Robin 130m
Franky 94m

Franky complains about Usopp being higher, leaving only him under 100m.
Usopp tells him to look more carefully, Nami and others are there too

Sanji 177m
Nami 66m
Brook 83m
Chopper 100 berry

Barto explains that other than few who were notably dangerous, most of them got a flat 50m increase. But he notes that Sanji's wanted poster is strangely different from others...
Not only does the increase amount different pattern from others, it doesn't say "Dead or Alive".. instead it says "Only Alive"!

End of chapter

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20 August 2015

One Piece 797 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

. 20 August 2015

Tag : ONE PIECE, One Piece 797, One Piece 797 Spoiler, One Piece 797 raw, One Piece 797 Predictions, One Piece Manga 797, ONE PIECE SPOILERS, One Piece 797 Spoilers, One Piece 797 Spoiler Pics and Summaries, One Piece Anime, One Piece Chapter 797, Bocoran One Piece 797, One Piece 797 Wordpress, One Piece 797 English, One Piece 797 Confirmed Spoiler, One Piece 797 Read Online, One Piece 797 Download, One Piece 797 Bahasa Indonesia, One Piece 797 Onemanga, One Piece 797 Mangahelpers, One Piece 797 MangaStream, One Piece 797 Mangapanda. Keep in touch for Next ONE PIECE, One Piece 797 MangaBirds, One Piece 797 , One Piece 797 spoiler.

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Credits: Aohige
Status: Confirmed

Zoro tells Luffy that there's not much time, do whatever you have to do and meet them at the east port. While running south himself. Naturally.

At the marine operations tent, Bastille is taking charge as the big shots have gone after the pirates already.
The marines report that the target is likely running towards the East dock, and they'll send available men there.
Meanwhile, Abdullah and Jeet answers the marine calls at the East dock, saying the pirates there's no need for backup.
(The duo and Ideo have taken out all the marines there already, and Jeet is faking the call)
Bastille is on to him though, and demand his marine code and name. Jeet is unable to answer, and Bastille orders back up to head to east dock.

Straw Hats/Barto's group is being chased by marines, but the gladiators will hold off the enemy.
Cavendish, Sai, Baby 5, Hajrudin, Suleiman, and Blue Gilly all stands in the way between the marines and Barto's group.

Meanwhile, Luffy is at the palace, calling out Rebecca's name.
Rebecca comes to the window and calls out to Luffy, while the marines near the palace charges towards him.
In the palace garden, Riku orders Lepanto to bring Rebecca and Viola, as he plans to head down to the town to announce his return to throne.

Luffy leaps to Rebecca's window. Rebecca says she needs to thank him for everything but Luffy says that's not why he came here.
He asks her if she's ok with Kyros. He plans to leave her side and never see her again!
Rebecca tearfully says she saw the letters, and she knows he's trying to distance himself from her.
She asks Luffy if he doesn't want to live with her anymore, but Luffy tells her I don't know, I'm about to leave this country.
You need to think for yourself. I came here to confirm if YOU are ok with this!
Rebecca cries out no, she's not ok with this.
Luffy asks her to come with him, and she agrees. Rebecca asks Viola to do her a favor.

Luffy carries Rebecca and leaps out of the castle.
A nobleman runs to King Riku to report. It's the straw hat Luffy! He has kidnapped the princess!

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